Friday, 19 December 2014

Day 7: Homemade Place Card Holders

I saw a picture of these in a magazine and thought they looked just like something a crafty person would find in Pinterest, which is right up my alley. Our Christmas theme this year is 'rustic-chic' - I made that up myself so please don't comment on how douchey it sounds and these will make the perfect addition. If you want to see how to make them, read on! 

You will need: 
- Candy Canes (3x the amount of place cards you need)
- Hot Glue Gun, preferably with glue 
- A Ball of Twine 
- Scissors 
- Newspaper or something to cover your surface
- Paper and Pen to write actual place cards 

You will need to do: 
1. Collect all of the afore mentioned things you need. 

2. Unwrap candy canes while the hot glue gun is heating up. 

3. Hot glue two candy canes together in an X shape, as shown above in picture number 3. 

4. Hot glue another candy cane on the top, connecting it to the middle candy cane at the same point the first two intersected and then to the candy cane on the other side at the top. Make sure the two candy canes on either side are even at the bottom or it will be unable to stand up (learn from my mistakes). I hope that made sense and if it didn't I hope you can see from the pictures. 

5. Chop off the bit of the candy cane that is sticking through the middle so that it is flat, as shown in pictures 5 and 6. 

6. Hot glue one end of a 20cm(ish) piece of twine to the cut off end of the middle candy cane and wrap the twine around until the connection is covered. Glue the end of the twine into place once it's done. 

7. Write the names on the pieces of paper, using whatever method you prefer, and display on the table. 

It's a pretty simple DIY that will give a great effect on any Christmas table. I can't wait to see mine all laid out on Christmas morning. 

Lots of Love,


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