Thursday, 28 August 2014

Beauty Interview with Honeypot Blogs

This week's beauty interview is with Honeypot Blogs and I couldn't be happier about it. Another blogging newbie who is already finding amazing success, which she totally deserves. Her blog is great with mostly honest, well photographed reviews of beauty products and a few different types of posts added in there. She is a lovely girl and (as you can see in the picture above) quite the beauty. Lets see her answers to my beauty interview: 

(My questions will be the bits in bold and Toni's unedited answers will be underneath)

1. What is the first piece of makeup you remember owning? 

It has to be a collection 2000 eyeliner pencil. This was the first piece of make-up I really started experimenting with, I definitely when through the grungy teenage phase, where the more black eyeliner I had the better.

2. What is the number one beauty product on your wishlist at the moment?

 I am really in love with the Naked 3 palette, I need it, every bone in my body needs it but I've been very good and not bought it…yet.

3. How many different foundations do you own and which is your favourite? 

To be honest, I only own two right now because I blend them together to create a really nice look. I have the Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation which I absolutely love but it’s just a fraction too light for my skin tone so I mix it up with Max Factor Lasting Performance foundation which is really long wearing.

4. What is the type of beauty product you hoard the most?

I have a stupid amount of lip products that I never use, I love lipsticks but can never find the right shade. I rubbish at remembering to re-apply them as well which makes it pointless in me buying them…but they’re just so pretty.

5. How many steps do you have in your morning skincare routine? 

How about your evening skincare routine? I am very fussy about what goes on my face and actually I choose to use very few products, I love the Simple face scrub but I only use this twice a week, sometimes 3 times if I feel my face needs it. I moisturise every day and night this is very important to me and I use Simple Deep Cleansing face mask once a week. That's it!

Now onto a few quick-fire this or that questions: 

1. MAC or Nars? Nars, I want everything Nars 
2. Rimmel or Revlon? Rimmel, I don’t even own a Revlon product.
3. Mascara or Concealer? Mascara, I would literally be lost without my mascara, I have blonde eyelashes so I look like an alien without it.
4. Skincare or Haircare? Skincare
5. Purifying mask or hydrating mask? Purifying Mask
6. High end or Drugstore? High End though I clearly only have Drugstore products right now.
7. Blog or Vlog?  I love watching vlogs but would never do one so I’m gonna have to say blogs
8. Hair up or hair down? Hair down.
9. Red or Pink Lipstick? Red, though I would never be able to confidently pull off wearing red lipstick
10. Highlight or Contour? Contour, to fake gorgeous cheek bones of course

Back to me, I would like to thank Toni participating in my little questionnaire. Make sure to check out her BLOG and give it plenty of love! 

Lots of Love, 


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